Bespoke Suiting For Men

Bespoke Suiting For Men
Navy PinStripe Bespoke Suit

Bespoke Men's Suiting

Working with a Master Clothier at The London Bespoke Club is a pain-free experience. You’ll kick yourself for not purchasing your clothing this way before. With quite literally hundreds of customization to your garments, your clothier will help you every step of the way.

Regardless of your final material selection, all of our garments come with these signature features at no extra cost.

What’s more important is that each and every one of our suits follows the strict and exacting standards that are set out by the Savile Row Bespoke Association.

Our Process


1. Learn

We listen!

It’s important for us to get to know you as much as possible.  Understanding your lifestyle, interests, wardrobe, your workplace, and most importantly your individual style. All of this information helps us to execute the very best approach to your wardrobe needs. We take notes of your likes and dislikes to meet our goal of helping you define your style and owning your look.


Fabric - The London Bespoke Club

2. Look & Feel

We’ve invested countless hours partnering with the very best fabric suppliers. As a result, our fabric selections second to none. Our fabrics are carefully sourced from the very best mills from all over the world. We pride ourselves in our construction process; therefore we feel that our fabric selection should compliment the same principle. We have thousands of fabric options in our library. We take the time to guide and help you through the swatches to find the perfect fabric for your garment.

From our first step, our knowledge of your needs will help us guide you through the vast and wide range of wools and natural fibres for your upcoming garment. It’s important to feel each and every fabric you like. It is, after all, about to become a second skin!

You can take a look and preview some of our fabric selections here

London Bespoke Club - Measure


The most crucial step in the process of making your suit is the measurement process. Our Master Clothiers have all undergone hours of training and tailoring classes to ensure that there are no compromises in this step.

All garments that are created require a 30+ fit profile. This means over 30 different measurements and observations will be taken of your body and how you wear your clothing. Alongside this we’ll be taking images and detailed notes of your stature. All this information is sent to our pattern maker you drafts and cuts your pattern from scratch.

London Bespoke Club - Commission


Over the next 4 – 6 weeks, your fabric will have travelled to our tailoring houses. They will have spent over 50 man hours with master tailors, each with their own specialization. From pattern-making to buttonhole finishing a vast amount of your suit is completed and finished by hand. Once passed through our strict quality control standards your garment will arrive back in our showroom.

London Bespoke Club - First Fitting

5. First Fitting

At this point we will get together, wherever and whenever convenient and try on all your new garments. For new clients, it is not uncommon to have some alterations to ensure the perfect fit of the garment. All alterations are done in-house and are generally completed within 5 business days. Once complete we’ll get together for one last fitting to ensure the fit is immaculate. It is very rare for a third fitting.

Raw try on’s, (aka Basted Fittings) are also recommended throughout our process. This allows us to accommodate your fit profile more completely. Should you be under a time constraint, this step can be eliminated, but it is strongly recommended.

London Bespoke Club -Wedding

6. Celebrate

Whether it’s just a regular work suit or perhaps the first suit of the rest of your life (we’re talking marriage here!), your London Bespoke Club garment is meant to be celebrated. Enjoy your 2nd skin for what its worth. It’s something truly special.

Skilled hands and countless hours of tailoring expertise were shared just to make this one of a kind garment just for you.
It’s one for the ages. So enjoy!

Our Quality

It’s important to us that our clients know the level of attention and detail that goes into each and every one of our bespoke garments. Regardless of pricepoint, each and every garment get’s the same measure of care that you would expect. 

Bespoke Pattern - The London Bespoke Club

Individual Pattern Striking & Cutting

Quality takes time and precision. Those same qualities apply to your garment. When it comes to your pattern, this process involves taking all of your quantitaive data (your measurments) and all of your qualitative data (your body attributes) and are amalgamated so that we may draft a pattern that is unique as you are. 

Full Canvas Construction

Full Canvassed Construction is standard on all of our bespoke suits, no exceptions. A suit’s inner canvas is what gives the suit its shape and form. A full-canvas garment lasts longer, breathes better, is more wrinke resitant, and allows for more natural movement and drape because its hand-sewn layers can move independently of one another. 

All London Bespoke Club suits are tailored with our signature lightweight canvas from Germany. 

Hand Sewn Buttons

The buttons on our garments are all hand-sewn on by our master tailor using the highest quality Faro silk thread from Guterman.

An abundance of buttons to choose from; our selection ranges from plastic, horn and mother of pearl (shell). Each and every button is sewn on using the standard master tailors technique by providing a neck, also known as the stem, for the button to rest on. This allows for greater ease when fastening.

Hand Sewn Buttonholes (Surgeons Cuffs)

Fully functioning buttonholes on jacket sleeves are a must.

Also known as surgeon cuffs, these working sleeve buttonholes are ready for you to roll up your sleeves and get down to business. They take hours of tedious labour, but nothing screams “custom suit” like working cuffs. Accent the last buttonhole for an even more dramatic effect.

We go one step further to ensure that each and every buttonhole is completed by hand. 

Button Anchors

Never again will a button fall off of your suit.

Not only are the main buttons of your suit sewn on by hand, but they are also secured on the reverse side of the suit with a button anchor

Got Silk?

As standard you’ll have your choice of hundreds of linings. Be as bold or as subtle as you’d like with the interior of your garment. 

Select from woven or printed silks and viscose blend designs. These are some of the strongest most durable fabrics in the world – it only makes sense for the part of your jacket that endures the most wear and tear.

What if you can’t find a design you like? This option is perfect for corporate clients that what unified lining options for all of their employees or for very special occasions to have a garment you’ll never forget.

Built In Pocket Square

Forgot your pocket square at home?

No stress! Our built-in pocket square will have you prepared like James Bond. Whip out the built-in pocket square in case you forget your 100% silk design pocket square at home.

Commissioned For You

Because each garment is made for you and you alone we’ve added in an extra special touch of embroidering your name or initials inside every jacket and pant. 

Grooms & Groomsmen Covered